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Films - Fly Colt Fly
Ty Conn: My Brother the Outlaw

Directors:  Adam Gray & Andrew Gray

Producer:  Adam Gray

Genre:  Documentary 14min

Max was 8 years old when he walked into his living room and found his mother crying while watching a television show about adoption.  This is when he first learned that, out there somewhere, he had a half-brother that he had never met.  It was also the moment that his mother decided she was going to try to find her first born son.  A few years later through a “child find” service Max’s mom finally did manage to locate Max’s brother.  His name was Ty Conn.  He was now 18 years old and serving time in Collins Bay Penitentiary for bank robbery.  For Max, having never had a sibling, and being only 11 years old, the fact that his new big brother was a bank robber only made it cooler.  My Brother the Outlaw tells the story of two brothers’ relationship through prison bars and across 10 years.  This touching and tragic tale is told through animation, prison photos, new stories after Ty's great escape, and the memories of Max.  

During their  relationship Ty Conn became a prolific bank robber, prison escape artist, and fugitive.  In the end, after his final history-making escape from the Kingston Pen, he became a Canadian outlaw folk hero.  His tragic death from a shotgun blast in a seedy basement apartment in Toronto two weeks after his escape still echoes through time, forever leaving its mark on those who were touched by Ty during his short life - None more than Max.  

Fly Colt Fly : Legend of The Barefoot Bandit

Directors:  Adam Gray & Andrew Gray

Producers:  Eric Jordan& Paul Stephens

Genre:  Documentry 82 min


Fly Colt Fly is a feature length documentary about teenage fugitive Colton Harris-Moore, whose superhuman ability to evade capture by stealing air -planes and living in the wilderness made him the modern day folk hero of a new generation. 


Fusing documentary, graphic-novel style animation, and dramatic recreations, the film contrasts the story of a real kid who fell into burglary to keep from starving with his mass media persona, The Barefoot Bandit. While telling Colt’s larger-than-life story, this film examines how the young outlaw’s attempt to live up to his own legend became his ultimate undoing.

Films - The Nightmare
The White Mountain Abduction

Directors:  Adam Gray & Andrew Gray

Producers :  Paul Stephens & Eric Jordan

Genre:  Documentary 22min


In 1961 Barney and Betty Hill were driving at night through the White Mountains of New Hampshire when they noticed that a bright light in the sky was following them.  The light came closer and closer until it blocked the road in front of them.  Barney stopped the car, retrieved his pistol and his binoculars from the glove box, and got out.  The next thing the couple remembered was driving away at top speed, filled with intense fear.  When they arrived home they became aware that the “four-hour trip” had inexplicably taken them seven hours.  Gradually, they realized that something had happened during those three hours of missing time.  


Now forty-seven years after the world’s first and most famous close encounter, Barney and Betty’s niece Kathleen Marden, haunted by the aftermath of the incident, attempts to decode what really happened that night.  With startling physical evidence, hypnosis tapes, and a mysterious interstellar map, Kathleen retraces the journey her aunt and uncle took that night in an attempt to decipher if the Hills were in fact abducted by aliens.

The Nightmare

Directors:  Adam Gray & Andrew Gray

Producers:  Paul Stephens & Eric Jordan

Genre:  Documentary 45min


Five percent of the world’s population have had the experience of awaking paralyzed while a supernatural entity climbs onto their chest suffocating them, inducing a level of fear that is beyond imagination. These attacks have been known to erupt in epidemics, resulting in mass panic, post-traumatic stress disorder, and sudden unexplainable death. Even the baffled scientific community is divided between psychological and metaphysical explanations. In Roman times the entity was called The Succubus. In Russia it was known as The Vampyr. In Newfoundland it is called The Hag. The Vikings simply called it Night Mara, meaning “The crusher that comes in the night”. Its face and name may change but it has always been with us… lurking in the shadows, waiting for us to fall asleep.


Haunted by his own encounter with The Nightmare, documentary filmmaker Adam Gray sets out on a journey to understand this terrifying phenomenon. From the foggy shores of Newfoundland to the steaming jungles of Zanzibar we will see where the Nightmare has left its mark. Hear from those who have survived the experience, and the families of those that did not. Meet the scientists, psychologists, and folklorists on the front lines of the battle for understanding how something without material form can traumatize and even kill those that encounter it. The Nightmare is a fascinating exploration of a phenomenon that suggests that the only difference between hallucination and the supernatural… is belief.

Films - The White Mountain Abduction
Films - Remote Viewing
Remote Viewing

Directors:  Adam Gray & Andrew Gray

Producers:  Paul Stephens & Eric Jordan

Genre:  Documentary 22min 


During the Cold War, while the US and Soviets publicly competed in the space and arms race, a secret parallel race between the two military superpowers was undertaken to harness psychic power.  With some of the greatest scientific and psychic minds in the country the US government developed a technique to utilize ESP as tool for espionage.  They called their system “Remote Viewing”.  


At the end of the Cold War the program moved into the private sector and the psychic spies became mercenaries, businessmen, and teachers of the system.  Many believe that remote viewing holds the key to the next step in human evolution.  


Jeff Warren, a science writer and adventurer of unusual consciousness experiences, sets out on an investigation of the remote viewing technique.  He will see the top remote viewers in action, try to learn the skill himself.

Crystal Skulls

Directors:  Adam Gray & Andrew Gray

Producers:  Paul Stephens & Eric Jordan

Genre:  Documentary 22min


In the early 19th century mysterious life-sized crystal skulls began to appear in Mayan archeological sites across Central America.  Maya legend tells that high priests used these skulls to heal, cause death, and communicate from the spirit world, but the truth is still unknown.  Although these skulls show consistencies with Mayan art and culture, scientists believe it would have taken literally centuries of labor for the ancient Mayans’ to create such artifacts with available technology.  


Renowned archeologist Joel Palka will travel deep into Central America to lost Maya cities, tracing the steps of the turn-of-the-century adventurers who allegedly found the skulls.  Palka’s journey will lead him into the dense jungle of southern Mexico in search of the Lancandon Maya, an isolated people who continue to worship the skulls, to determine if the Crystal Skulls are authentically Mayan or an elaborate hoax perpetuated for more than a century.

Films - Crystal Skulls
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