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Adam and Drew Gray are Canadian filmmakers who have approached documenting the paranormal with a scientific eye and an open mind. Allison from Milwaukee Ghosts first introduced me to their work through a documentary called The Nightmare. 

Inspired by a sleep paralysis incident that affected Adam Grey so deeply that he couldn’t sleep for weeks where he saw a shrouded figure at the foot of the bed (he goes into detail about what actually happened to him during the podcast and I talk about a sleep paralysis incident that I had as well that would later inspire our song, “Hypnogogic”.

The study of dreams and nightmares continues to be a deep well of new discovery. What exactly conjures those scattered moments in the mind to play during sleep? How can the visions seen in these dreams and nightmares effect the sleeper? These questions lining the walls of sleep analysis have been approached scientifically as well as spiritually. The 2008 documentary The Nightmare by Andrew Gray seeks to answer some of these lingering questions.

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